It has been a while since I have posted anything on Tumblr but it is about time that I do. I have now been living in Tacoma, Washington for 3 months and been having a lot of fun. Here are a few pictures that I have taken around my new campus and it is great to finally feel like I’m at a University. 

The weather is wonderful and I can’t feel more at peace with all this nature around me. I miss my family and friends back home but I have met some wonderful people while I have been here.

More pictures will be coming! I hope you like them!

I love being able to start and end my days at the beach. Just another reason I love being back home, When I am discovering new places with sara in Lake Forest or making fire-balls out of big spray with sophie; I am happy to be able to be here (even if it just for a little while) and it gives me a chance to exhale 

The countdown begins 40 days until Tacoma

A little more than a month and I will be removed from what has always been comfortable. Removed from familiarity; my home, my family, my friends will all become distant. The thought of this thickening distance worries me and leaves me in a dark panic. Nevertheless, I feel the excitement that accompanies fear. I have spent my nights wishing for tomorrow to come faster and now I am left begging for those hours back. 

Trip to the beach with my friend Sara. It was a beautiful sunny July day which turned into a beautiful July sunset. Just wonderful.

Nancy and I tried to go to the park and take pictures but I ended up being in desperate need of a cigarette due to the frustration of not getting any good pictures.

I ended up only getting one mediocre picture which isn’t even worth an appearance on my blog… but it did pass for a nice facebook photo 

My Camera (Nancy) and I head up North to help our friend Tess out at her house/dog sitting gig, 3 male dogs enjoying this beautiful weather in a house that is zen-ed out to the max. Taking some pictures of the beautiful garden they have out back. 

Straightened my hair today, guess that means I will take a pic of the yin yang tattoo on my back. 

Straightened my hair today, guess that means I will take a pic of the yin yang tattoo on my back. 

Possibly one of my favorite parks. Just another secluded place to chill n’ toke